Robert Kennedy Assassinated


How, Why And By Whom?


Forfatter: Ørnulf David Brudal


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One of the hotspots of the Cold War in 1968 was the war in Vietnam. Senator Robert Kennedy was highly critical of his country`s involvement in that conflict. Following the Tet Offensive Kennedy decided to run for the presidency, a position which would give him the power to pull the United States out of the war. Although entering the race late, by early June Kennedy looked like he might have the Democratic nomination within his grasp. Just after having won the California and South Dakota primaries Kennedy was gunned down in a kitchen corridor of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. A young man with a smoking gun was apprehended by eyewitnesses on the spot and handed over to the police. Soon questions would arise as to what led to this incident, and as to what really happened at the hotel.

The author of this book has spent many years taking a critical look at this case. Here are the findings.

Robert Kennedy Assassinated - How, Why And By Whom? (Heftet)

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